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The Bird Catcher 2019

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The Bird Catcher 2019, After being torn away from her family. A 14-year-old Esther must assume a new identity in order to navigate her survival under the hostility of Nazi-occupied Norway.

On her attempt to flee the Nazi round-up in Norway. Esther finds herself alone, on an occupied farm forced to conceal her identity; leading to a series of choices and consequences. Which shift the paths of those around her. However, This story uncovers a hidden slice of history that grips at the heart and inspire us all at the deepest level.


“Once upon a time, the world was different, people were not the same. They had a heart, they wondered and gazed in their thoughts, and they had hearts that knew joy and pain. People used to be generous, they give for the sake of god, they help other people. Times have definitely changed, and I wish that it didn’t.”

“This deeply dopey Second World War thriller, set in the snowscapes of Norway,that takes an initially intriguing premise and runs it straight into an insuperable wall of ineptitude.”

“A marvelous performance by Sarah-sofie played esther. Who attempted to.flee nazi persecution in Norway 14 yr old girl pretend to be boy and survive while being jew, great war based movie in 1942, so  she had a dream of being an actress and ended up as her fathers profession to keep herself alive”

“I really loved this film – the story was original (yes, you’ve seen WWII films before, but this was based on true events and a different sort of tale than you’ve heard before). It gave viewers a different perspective into what it must have been like in that time. The film was amazing; each character was so believable. The story kept moving and had me on the edge of my seat. There was no completely happy ending to be had here, but regardless, I liked the way this story resolved. It was truly a tough job very well done by director Ross Clarke – Makes me want to see more of his work in the future! The Birdcatcher is Definitely worth a watch !”


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Duration: 100 min

Quality: 1080p


IMDb: 4.5

The Bird Catcher 2019
The Bird Catcher 2019