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Night Hunter 2018

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Night Hunter is a tug-of-war between three equally unpleasant groups: there’s Simon; the local cops out to stop him, represented by level-headed Marshall (Henry Cavill), patient-to-a-fault profiler Rachel (Alexandra Daddario), and hothead Commissioner Harper (Stanley Tucci); and vigilante duo Michael (Ben Kingsley), a soft-spoken ex-judge, and Lara (Eliana Jones), a sassy teenager that he uses to catch and then castrate sexual predators.

An American police force traps an online predator, only to realize the depth of his crimes goes far beyond anything they had anticipated.


“Well, there was so much potential with this film. It could have been edited better to make it more cohesive. It just feels disjointed. The performances are okay. You do expect better from a cast with so much talent. Would I recommend someone to watch this? Flip a coin, you will be fine either way.”

“This film had so much potential. Great cast and the story could have been really good but it ended up a disjointed mess of a film. Editing is terrible. Pacing is thrown about chaotically and feels like large chunks of the storyline are missing. Seems like a huge waste of potential. I managed to watch all of it and there are some very interesting moments. Acting us top-notch …..especially the main protagonist who is a very underrated actor. Kingsley character wasn’t fleshed out enough, just hinted on and a wasted character who is seemingly able to get away with serious crimes!? Maybe there are scenes on a cutting room floor somewhere that would have made this a great thriller but sadly the final result they went with us a mess. Shame.”

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Night Hunter 2018